Mr Ambassador: stop the attacks against Spanish cuisine

El Comidista recalled the UK ambassador for consultations over the issue of the paella sandwich and other atrocities committed by the British against Spanish cuisine. The diplomat convinced us to sign a peace treaty in exchange for a great recipe for roast chicken.

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Our classic Spanish dishes are the victims of horrible crimes in many countries, but if any one nation stands out for its pure savagery, that is the United Kingdom.

Chefs, food brands and supermarket chains all over Perfidious Albion have cheerfully come up with monstrosities like the paella sandwich, ‘patatas bravas’ soup and the chorizo waffle. And what has Spain done about it? Nothing. So many displays of patriotism, so much hoopla over Gibraltar, yet none of our authorities have raised their voice against these sizable offenses.

Faced with this government apathy, El Comidista decided to recall the British ambassador for consultations over these atrocious crimes by his fellow Brits, with complete disregard for the fact that he might have some minor issues to contend with at the moment, such as oh, say, Brexit.

Simon Manley attempted to justify these outrages, but since his explanations were not very convincing, he played another card: getting to our hearts through our stomachs. And it worked. He showed us how to prepare a fantastic Sunday roast – in fact, it was so good that it made us forget all about Gordon Ramsay’s paella with sherry wine and hot chili peppers.

It’s all there in the video above: take a look and you will see that the British are not as stuck up as you thought, and their cuisine is not as terrible as you thought, either.

English version and subtitles by Susana Urra.

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